Our legal services have a direct approach, based on face to face meetings, aimed at understanding the client’s needs and choosing together the best way to proceed. During the way, the person will be supported in each step.

The firm is practicing mostly on the following legal branches:

Immigration law (i.e. international protection, residence permit, family reunifications, expulsions, citizenship…)

Criminal law (i.e. crimes against the person, the family or the property, trafficking  and illegal hiring, constitution of civil parties, mediation and restorative justice in criminal matters)

Rights of the person and family law (i.e. right to residence, right to health care, support management, child custody and child protection)

The firm also works for:

Defense of fundamental human rights

Appeals to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)

The legal support is multilingual (Italian, English, French and Spanish) and we collaborate with several trustworthy cultural mediators and ethnologists.

The legal area works in cooperation with the psychological area for the forensic consultancy, or to offer a support for the emotional struggles that often come together with a legal need.


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